Sunday, 12 November 2017

Nucleo STM32 FreeRTOS Timers

Requires previous post.

To create timers enable the use of timers in the FreeRTOS config.

Add a timer in Timers and Semaphores.

Now generate the code and start OpenSTM32.

To use any timer,you first need to set the timer's periods.

Here the timer is set to expire every 1000 ticks.

xTimerChangePeriod(myTimer01Handle,(TickType_t) 1000, (TickType_t) 10);

When the timer is created, it does not start automatically. Use xTimerStart to start timer.

xTimerStart(myTimer01Handle,(TickType_t) 10);

Modify the default task.

Change the timer callback. The callback will send data to the task.

Now run it.

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