Friday, 27 January 2017

How to deploy MATLAB/Simulink on Raspberry PI without reformating SD Card

First install the Simulink support package for Raspberry Pi or MATLAB support package for Raspberry Pi.

Easy way. Type in 

raspi.internal.firmware.setupMATLABServer('<IP address>','<User name>','<Password>')

This should setup everything if it succeeds to execute the script. The user need root privileges and sudo without asking for the password.

If all fails.

Type in  


in MATLAB and configure the settings.

MATLAB will download a file called

Unzip it and open the image file.

Copy the entire /opt to your existing installation.

The location /opt/MATLAB/server_v16.2.0/ is where the binaries live.

To start MATLAB run

sudo /opt/MATLAB/server_v16.2.0/matlabd   <PORT NUMBER>

The port number is usually   18732   or the one you set.

To start the UDP daemon run

/opt/MATLAB/udp_ip /boot/iflist.txt

After this MATLAB/Simulink should work.

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