Monday, 6 June 2016

Plans for Project Popsicle Stick v2.0

Well I failed to program the STM32 with STLinkV2. Not matter what I do, the STLinkV2 doesn't detect the STM32.
List of things checked:
  • All VDD pins are 3.3V
  • All ground pins are grounded
  • There are no shorts to ground
  • Ripple in VDD is minimal
  • BOOT0 is grounded
  • NSRT is connect to VDD
  • STLinkV2 is connected using SWD
  • All PCB traces are continuous
  • Power for STM32 is 3.63 mW (1.1 mA at 3.3V). Seems reasonable.
  • STM32 is in the correct orientation
  • STLinkV2 works on other STM32
  • All STM32 pins were checked
  • Supplier didn't give a faulty STM32 as I un-soldered it and replaced it with a new one

I am thinking about designing version 2.0 of Project Popsicle Stick. However, I have trouble deciding how to pick a new ICE40 chip. The ICE40LP is pretty cost effective for the amount of LUTs. The downside is that I need a 4 layer board. That adds complexity and cost. iCE40-HX4K-TQ144 doesn't require a 4 layer board. The downside is that I need a bigger board and iCE40-HX4K-TQ144 has less LUTs. Anyone have advice?
I also created a poll if anyone want to help me decide.

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