Sunday, 7 February 2016

Project Popsicle Stick: Preliminary PCB design

A very rough version of the PCB design. I need to look it over to see if it works. The pinouts have changed to make PCB design easier. After this, I might manufacture it at smart prototyping.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Project Popsicle Stick: Components

  • STM32F070CBT6     MCU
  • ICE40HX1K-TQ144     FPGA
  • NX3225SA-32.000MHZ-STD-CSR-1  32MHz crystal
  • CDBU0520  0.4V diode
  • LD1117S33CTR   3.3V regulator
  • LD1117S12CTR   1.2V regulator
  • 150080VS75000    Green LED
  • CRCW060366R5FKEA    66.5 ohm resistor
  • CRCW0603100RFKEA    100 ohm resistor
  • CRCW060310K0FKEA    10K ohm resistor
  • 1X20 header pins
  • 1X4 header pins
  • CL05A104MP5NNNC      0.1uF capacitor
  • CL21B103KBANNNC     0.01uF capacitor
  • GRM1555C1H6R0WA01D    6pF capacitor
  • CL21A106KQCLRNC           10uF capacitor
  • GRM155R60J105KE19D      1uF capacitor
  • B3F-1000                             Push button switch
  • 10118192-0001LF               Micro USB B