Friday, 1 January 2016

DLCS 1.1.X and JointJs

I am abandoning DLCSim for DLCS as DLCSim is a bit too complex. DLCSim has grown too large for a single library. Many parts of DLCSim could be reused in other project and libraries. So I am going split it up and make general libraries out of them. DLCSim will be split into 3 parts.

The smaller libraries:
  • funary . General purpose arbitrary binary operations library. For use of manipulating binary using arrays.
  • DLCS . Core simulation library. For calculating the values and properties of the simulation.
  • DLCS.Utils . Library for integration of DLCS and JointJS. This is used for bridging DLCS and JointJS. This will also handle other third party libraries.

From DLCS 1.1.X onwards will be focused on integrating DLCS and JointJS.

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