Sunday, 23 August 2015

nerdamer Travis CI Aug 23 2015

For dev branch only not master

Travis CI is a cloud service that builds and tests software packages.I am focusing on node.js ,grunt, and qunit.

The basic idea is the package runs grunt. Then grunt runs the qunit tests. If the qunit tests pass then the badge will be green.
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Starting with .travis.yml

 The language of the tests is set to node.js which is javascript. The versions 0.10, 0.11 , 0.12 tell it to only run tests under those. npm install -g grunt-cli tells it to install grunt before running the script.


The information for a node.js package. The important part is the scripts. It tells node.js to run grunt.

Grunt looks for a file called Gruntfile.js

It uses qunit to go through all the tests.

Well on to packaging for npm.

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