Wednesday, 19 August 2015

nerdamer Symbols Aug 19 2015

Everything in nerdamer revolves around symbol manipulation..... well most of the time.

Staring with a simple symbol
It looks like a function. You can see it from the group value. group: 4. Each symbol is organised into one of these groups:

 Group 4 belongs to the function, so it makes sense.
Moving on, multiplier is "5" in "5*delta". It doesn't make a lot of sense for it to be group with the function symbol. It should be a symbol by itself. The value is text without the multiplier. Ok... args is the arguments of the function.

Closer inspection of this argument.

 We are looking at "t+t^2". Again the group: 5 is some kind of polynomial. The value is t,so it is polynomial made out of t. The symbols of the object is the individual components.

Even.. deeper

Aha it is just "t" and "t^2". The parser breaks up the input by * / + -
So each symbol is just seperated by those operators.

Another example:

 You can see the structure is just like a tree.

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