Monday, 20 October 2014

Qt Creator Android Tutorial A1 - Install


This tutorial uses Windows as the development environment.

Install USB drivers

If you are testing on a real Android device install the USB drives.

Download and Extract Apache Ant

Download the binary:

Apache Ant download page.

Extract to any location. The tutorial uses C:/apache_ant/

Download and Install JDK

Download the installer:

Download ,Extract, and Install Android ADT Bundle

Download the bundle:

Android ADT Bundle download page.

Extract to any location. The tutorial uses C:/adt_bundle/

Run C:/adt_bundle/SDK Manager.exe.

Install the correct SDK build tools and corresponding SDK platform. This tutorial is targeting Android 4.3.1 and above.

Download and Extract Android NDK

Download the installer:

Android NDK download page.

Extract to any location. The tutorial uses C:/android_ndk/

Download Qt Creator for Android

Download the package:
Qt 5.3.2 for Android (Windows 32-bit, 817 MB) (Info).

Qt Creator download page.

Install Qt Creator for Android

Open up the setup.

Select the folder to install.

Select Components. 
Make sure to install Tools -> MinGW 4.8.2. 
Also select targets for Android x86 or Android armv5 or Android armv7(Recommended)

Select the License Agreement. If have trouble selecting read this: Qt Creator Tutorial Z1 - Licenses.

Name the application.

Finally install.

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