Thursday, 16 October 2014

OS Adventures - Haiku OS

This not a review. It is just a first impression.

Haiku OS

Haiku OS Alpha 4.1 is an interesting OS. Haiku OS is the open source version of BeOS(discontinued) that has a hybrid kernel. Haiku OS has large influences from BeOS and Unix. For example: Haiku OS's GUI resembles E17.

 Haiku OS's GUI. Virtualbox.

E17 on Linux.

Haiku OS has some graphical glitches with BSnow. This is the result of being in an alpha stage. On the other hand, Haiku OS's terminal seems to be working fine.

Here, I am toying around with some demos.

Wonderbrush a graphical paint program.

OpenGL teapot demo with 684 FPS.

Haiku OS has graphical potential. I only gave it 9 MB of video memory and it seems to be performing well. I would like to see more OpenGL games on Haiku OS.

Resource usage on Haiku OS.

The total memory(includes cache) used is 172.41 MiB.
This is compatible to Windows 7 Professional fresh install(950 MiB) and Debian 7.6 with E17(190 MiB).

Haiku OS has a lot of potential. Some day, it might stand up to the other open source OSes.

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